Bitcoin for Young Minds

History of Money and Bitcoin Curriculum and On-Demand Courses for Kids and Teens

Bitcoin Education

Curriculum and online classes to educate the next generation about money and Bitcoin.

Middle School Curriculum

Designed with parents in mind, this multiunit downloadable curriculum package includes everything you need to guide your middle schooler through lessons on the history of money providing an introduction to Bitcoin.

High School Curriculum

Our high school level curriculum download is more advanced than the middle school curriculum with more complex readings and writing assignments. In addition, the curriculum reinforced what was learned in the lower levels to allow students a chance to master the subject.

Middle School Online Course

This immersive, on-demand online course is geared for students aged 12-14. With recorded, self-paced lessons, students have an opportunity to test their knowledge of monetary history, complete activities, and write a culminating essay. Students have six months to complete the ten-week course.

High School Online Course

The high school level online, on-demand course consists of twelve lessons where students learn the history of money as well as the philosophical approaches to studying monetary systems. With more advanced readings and assignments, this course is recommended for students aged 15-18.

Complete curriculum

Both the curriculum pack and the online courses provide everything your student needs to understand the history of money and an introduction to Bitcoin.

History of Money

In order to understand how Bitcoin came about and why the world needs it as a solution to the money that exists today, the why and how must be explained. This curriculum provides just that in digesitable units for middle and high school students.

Reading and Writing

All of our curriculum, whether the download version or the online on-demand course includes original readings as well as content taken from primary and academic sources. In addition, students are tasked with writing assignments to encourage them to both formulate arguments and learn to be a better writer.

Engaging content

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About Us

Bitcoin Savvy Kids was created by longtime educator and author of the upcoming book, Shells to Satoshi: The History of Money and Rise of Bitcoin, Deanna Heikkinen. Deanna has been a follower of Bitcoin for over a decade and has taught history and anthropology as well as reading and writing for students in elementary school, middle school, high school, and college. She has experience in designing curriculum for homeschool, tutoring centers, and public institutions. Furthermore, as an early adopter of online learning, she has created dozens of online courses spanning history, humanities, anthropology, writing, and reading. Deanna currently lives in El Salvador with her husband.

Helping you raise Bitcoin Savvy Kids!

Get started teaching your kids about the history of money and Bitcoin today! Whether you download the curriculum pack and teach them yourself or enroll them in the online course, our curriculum provides the reasons why we need Bitcoin more than ever.